Too Old to Rock & Roll

by Jack Nimersheim

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Yep, it really was an innocent comment by my son, Jason, that inspired this album and, in many ways, reignited my interest in writing and recording new music...some twenty years after my last foray into anyplace even remotely resembling a recording studio.

I'd like to recognize several friends who contributed their time and talents to various songs on this album.

Jim Gaines and I first started making music with one another when we formed Heather, a country-rock band that performed and recorded together for almost ten years. That was in 1969. We've remained friends, ever since. Jim laid down the incredible pedal-steel and dobro tracks you'll hear on "Distant Light". Even after four decades, all I have to do is pick up the phone, give him a call, and "Gainer" will pack up his equipment, truck over to Chez Nims...then lay down a pedal-steel part that far surpasses anything I might have heard in my head, prior to his arrival. Thanks, pal, for both the friendship and musical support, through all these years. You're one of a kind, Jimmy...the finest kind.

Two other Heather bandmates from back in "the day" also stepped in help me pull together this album. Ron Baumgartner's amazing drumming and Ron Sachs' equally incredible guitar/vocal work (with Jimmy on pedal steel) transformed "Distant Light" from a Nimersheim solo performance into a virtual Heather reunion...and I couldn't be more thrilled. I also drew a pair of Rons when I was playing my hand on "Ready to Fall". And RB returned to add his distinctive drums to "Love You So". It was a joy, working with these friends and long-time musical collaborators, after so many years.

"Fog of War" was written and recorded through an on-line collaboration, working with extremely talented musicians from across the globe...people I've never met, in person. And yet, we managed to record a powerful song, together. Lorenzo Declich (Italy) and I co-wrote "Fog of War". Basically, Lorenzo composed and recorded a haunting instrumental track, to which I added a melody and lyrics; Alessandra De Luca (Italy) and Gil Wayne (Texas) contributed the background vocals and sitar, respectively. "Hold On" evolved in pretty much the same manner, except, this time, it was minime C. (Germany) who sent an instrumental track, to which I added a melody line and lyrics. That long, tall Texan, Gil Wayne, laid down his sitar and picked up a couple of drumsticks to contribute the drum track for "Jenny Tried". Thanks, all.

My friend and Scottish collaborator, Kevin Sweeney, contributed his distinct vocal harmonies to three songs on this album: "Jenny Tried", "Ready to Fall" and "Tijuana Haze". He then added a few sweet guitar licks to "Jenny Tried"...after I thought this track was already completed. (Shows you how much I know.) Kev and I record together under the musical sobriquet "Gypsies in Cyberspace".

I rarely record other people's compositions. One of those rare exceptions is "High Street", written by Larry Drake. When I heard this little gem, I knew I had to give it a shot. Larry not only granted permission for me to do so, he also graciously agreed to let me build my interpretation of this incredibly poignant song around his original guitar I could capture the "feel" that first drew me to "High Street". Thanks, Larry. I owe ya.

Finally, there's the aforementioned Jason, my son. Jason is good for more than inspirational exclamations. He's also an accomplished musician, in his own right. But don't take my word for it. That's his lead guitar part, pulling everything together, on "Jenny Tried". He also wrote and played guitar on "Ready to Fall". My only disappointment is that, with Jason now living in California, he and I don't get to collaborate musically as often as I wish we could.

Everything else you hear is l'il ol' me, flexing my musical muscles in my "man cave"...the modest recording studio modern technology allowed me to cobble together in the basement, here at Chez Nims.

And thanks largely to that amazing technology, I guess what Jason said is true: You never are..."Too Old to Rock & Roll".

Jack Nimersheim
Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky
August, 2015


released August 15, 2015

Jack Nimersheim - guitar, banjo, keyboards, bass, drums, vocals

Special thanks to:
Jason Nimersheim - guitar (tracks 8 & 10)
Jim Gaines - pedal steel guitar (track 5)
Ron Baungartner - drums (tracks 5, 6 & 10)
Ron Sachs - guitar (tracks 5 & 10), vocals (track 5)
Kevin Sweeney - guitar (track 8), vocals (tracks 3, 8 & 10)
minime C. - synthesizer, drums (track 2)
Lorenzo Declich - guitar, bass, keyboards, drums (tracks 2 & 4)
Larry Drake - guitar (track 9)
Gil Wayne - sitar (track 4), drums (track 8)
Alessandra De Luca - background vocals (track 4)

Produced by Jack Nimersheim

All Songs © 2009 - 2015, Jack Nimersheim, except
"Hold On" © 2010, minime C & Jack Nimersheim
"High Street" © 2009, Larry Drake
"Fog of War" © 2009, Lorenzo Declich & Jack Nimersheim
"Ready to Fall" © 2012, Jason Nimersheim




Gypsies in Cyberspace

Gypsies in Cyberspace
Jack Nimersheim: guitar, keyboards, bass, drums, vocals
Kevin Sweeney: guitar, bass, vocals

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